The documentary film “Protect Your Dignity” is based on the real events, which started on September 2, 2015 in an ordinary Ukrainian family.

As a result of the actions of a group of the Ukrainian, Russian and French religious extremists (Alexander Dvorkin, Alexander Neveev, Dmitry Bakayev, Maria Kovaleva and others), an unsuccessful attempt to destroy the Fate-Analysis Institute and the Redut Law Company was made. However, the main storyline of the film is a family drama of Julia Yalovaya, who had to fight for her liberty at 19 years.

The anti-cultists’ group turned the parents of Julia Yalovaya into the controlled torpedoes, whose purpose was to destroy the business reputation of Scientist Oleg Maltsev ( This film also shows the model and algorithms of actions of the extremists who earn money on your fears and panic.

The film “Protect Your Conscience” is the joint Ukrainian-Belgian product in cooperation with the Public Organization “Kavalyer”, the Organization “Human Rights Without Frontiers International (” and the Unsolved Crimes Newspaper (

Special thanks to Mr Willy Fautré (Director of HRWF, Belgium)

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