Газета «Нераскрытые преступления»

Documentary film «Protect your dignity»

The documentary film “Protect Your Dignity” is based on the real events, which started on September 2, 2015 in an ordinary Ukrainian family.

As a result of the actions of a group of the Ukrainian, Russian and French religious extremists (Alexander Dvorkin, Alexander Neveev, Dmitry Bakayev, Maria Kovaleva and others), an unsuccessful attempt to destroy the Fate-Analysis Institute and the Redut Law Company was made. However, the main storyline of the film is a family drama of Julia Yalovaya, who had to fight for her liberty at 19 years.

The anti-cultists’ group turned the parents of Julia Yalovaya into the controlled torpedoes, whose purpose was to destroy the business reputation of Scientist Oleg Maltsev (www.olegmaltsev.com). This film also shows the model and algorithms of actions of the extremists who earn money on your fears and panic.

The film “Protect Your Conscience” is the joint Ukrainian-Belgian product in cooperation with the Public Organization “Kavalyer”, the Organization “Human Rights Without Frontiers International (www.hrwf.eu)” and the Unsolved Crimes Newspaper (www.zlochiny.com)

Special thanks to Mr Willy Fautré (Director of HRWF, Belgium)

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