The Orthodox Lobby in Russian Wikipedia. Trailer

«Today, people’s moods on large scale are determined not by God’s truth, but a technology» (patriarch Kyrill)
In the year of 2001 Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger create the largest free encyclopedia in history. It is interesting that Wikipedia is a site of summary of the knowledge of mankind and its culture. Today this resource is on the sixth place in the list of the most popular Internet sites. Wikipedia turned into a real power tool.
«If you go online you have to have only one goal which is the word of God. You have to help people!» (patriarch Kyrill) 
What do you think, what stands behind the interest of the ROC to Wikipedia? Obviously Wikipedia is a very popular resource, read and used by many, which makes it very tempting to influence minds through Wikipedia.
«I appeal pastors today — go places where you are not even listened to, toll an alarm bell otherwise we will wreck our country again» (patriarch Kyrill)
I think there is a danger if people are going to make important decisions and form their beliefs relying on information that may be erroneous.

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