HEMA's ACTIVITY. Unfair competition and methods of religious extremists

"HEMA is a small group who use methods of religious extremists to struggle with their opponents. They use methods of unfair competition to reach their goals and don't understand the scale of real consequences for them" - professor Massimo Introvigne

Professor Massimo Introvigne. Congratulation "Unsolved Crimes" Newspaper

Professor Massimo Introvigne. Congratulation "Unsolved Crimes" Newspaper.

Anti-cultist terrorism. Part 2: What are the victims of a cults?

Oct 23 2016 / Published in Спецвыпуск

Anti-cultist terrorism - it's a real industry of a lie.
Day 5 of scientific meeting in Odessa with professor Massimo Introvigne was devoted to such question as technology of creation of fake victims of a cults.

Now you know everything you need to create any number of fake victims. You can take the instructions and start implementing ...
But there is one thing.. We also know these instructions. Moreover, we know each your step. We are shadows. But we are always somewhere near. And as soon as you proceed to the next project, 
we meet you at the most unexpected moment. Veddiamo presto!

Anti-cultist terrorism. Part 1: "Dehumanization"

Oct 18 2016 / Published in Спецвыпуск

What is anti-cult terrorism and how it affects every one of you?
What is the relationship between religious extremists and anti-cult terrorists? And finally, what is a standard anti-cult terrorists algorithm of actions for the destruction and elimination of unwanted persons and organizations? The answers to these and many other questions you can see in this programm!